I am a 25 year old from California who spends the majority of my time reading Young Adult and New Adult novels. Reading and writing are my passion and I just want to share that passion with others! This page will feature reviews and more of many Young Adult and New Adult novels.

My favorite genres include paranormal, fantasy, dystopian and contemporary young adult and new adult. I'm becoming more and more interested in New Adult though I have yet to find any paranormal, fantasy, or dystopian in the New Adult category. I am however looking for any recommendations if anyone has any! Contemporary Young adult is a genre I've only recently become interested in but it has quickly become one of my favorites! Paranormal and Fantasy have for the longest time been favorites of mine. Dystopian YA has seen such a huge increase since the success of The Hunger Games and though it is a genre I enjoy, I can be pretty picky of what I read within this genre because of how saturated it has become.

I am very interested in all aspects of the world of fiction and publication. I love finding new novels and series to read and I especially love finding authors whose works I adore! I love writing and learning about the craft and the industry. I love being involved in anyway possible with other people who love to read just as much as I do!

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