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This Month In Books: October 2013

This Month in Books is a new feature that I will be posting at the beginning of every month that will showcase new books being published each month. It will feature any type of books that I've come across that I am interested in whether they are self published, indie books, or from big house names.

On the first day of every month I will be posting a list of some of the books that will be published throughout the month that are on my radar, what my thoughts on them are, and a link to their goodreads page so you can check them out!

Here is October 2013's list:

October 1:

Good Bye, Rebel Blue By Shelley Coriell
I'm currently in the process of reading this and I like it a lot so far! Rebel Blue's name fits her very well and I love a girl who goes against the grain. The idea of completing the bucket list of someone who was not only almost a complete stranger to you but also had the complete opposite personality is very interesting!

Sick By Tom Leveen
I haven't read many Zombie novels so normally this would not be something that I would read. However I received an arc from the publisher and after reading the blurb I think it sounds like it will be very good. A zombie virus taking over a school? Yeah...definitely sounds good to me! I'll be reading this next and then posting a review sometime this week!

Six Months Later By Natalie Richards
I hadn't heard anything about this until I saw an excerpt last week on Book Swoon and after I read the blurb I decided I HAVE to read this! It sounds so interesting! Could you imagine nodding off one day and then waking up six months later not remembering anything that has happened since that nap?

Unbreakable (Legion #1) by Kami Garcia
I hadn't planned on reading this. I read the Beautiful Creatures series and it really isn't one of my favorites. So I figured this wouldn't be either. But then I saw an article somewhere comparing Unbreakable to Supernatural (the TV show) and now there's no way I could not read it. If it is actually anything like Supernatural I will love it. If they're as similar as that list said it was I'm gonna die of happiness!

Perfect Ruin (The Internment Chronicles #1) By Lauren Destefano
Before I realized that this was written by Lauren Destefano I wasn't really very interested in it. But, because it was written Destefano I will read it because she is amazing and the Chemical Garden Trilogy was AMAZING and I am sure that this will be amazing also.

October 8:

Pull Down the Night (The Suburban Strange #2) By Nathan Kotecki
Suburban Strange was a very entertaining novel and I've been looking forward to Pull Down the Night since I finished it last year! Hopefully this follow up has the same unique, dark feel that the first book had because that was what I loved about it!

October 15:

Anywhere But Here By Tanya Lloyd Kyi
I haven't really heard anything about this, but I found it when I was searching for new releases this month and thought it sounded pretty good. It's late Young Adult/New Adult but from a guys point of view which is something a little bit different. I've seen some mixed reviews though so we will see!

Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2) By Alexandra Bracken
I still haven't read the first book in this series but I have heard numerous times that it is extremely good! I usually really like dark supernatural young adult novels so I'm sure it is a series I will like. It's pretty high up on my TBR list right now.

October 22:

Allegiant (Divergent #3) By Veronica Roth
Seriously though who isn't dying to just read this book already!! Ever since Insurgent came out last year and I read it and that killer cliffhanger I've been dying to get my hands on this novel!! I can't wait to read more about Tris and Four and how this wonderful series is going to end. I'll probably be rereading Divergent and Insurgent the week before it's released in anticipation!

October 29:

In The Age of Love and Chocolate (Birthright #3) by Gabrielle Zevin
The Birthright Series is one of my favorite YA series and I am so sad that it is coming to an end yet also so excited to read it's conclusion! It's such a great combination of dystopian and gangster drama and I love the romance and the family dynamic! If you haven't read this series I definitely recommend you do!

Altered (Crewel World #2) By Gennifer Albin
Here is another sequel that is coming out. I haven't read the first in the series, Crewel, but I have it and will probably read it sometime soon. It looks really good and the cover is beautiful. Altered also has a beautiful cover and if I enjoy Crewel I will be reading it ASAP!

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