Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Turn Offs

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week I'm talking about my top ten biggest book turn-offs I encounter when reading.

  1. Dependent Female Main Characters--Those characters who think they literally would not be able to live without the great love of their life (AKA Bella in New Moon though there are many many more that I've come across as well).
  2. Unnecessary Love Triangles--Putting a love triangle into a book where it doesn't really fit just drives me crazy! Sometimes they can be well written (AKA The Infernal Devices series) but so many times they are just really not needed. 
  3. Super Innocent Main Characters--Honestly this is really just my opinion. I like a main character that has a streak of bad in them. And even if they aren't really bad I just can't handle characters that are overly pure and  naive. 
  4. Insta-Love--Love doesn't happen overnight and there has to be some type of reason for the two people to fall in love. People don't just meet and then instantly fall in love.
  5. Unmemorable Supporting Characters--Supporting characters are really important for my experience of reading a book. If I only like the main character and the love interest, then the book can be good but definitely not great. Great characters really make or break a book for me. My favorite thing to find in a novel is a villain that I love!
  6. Awful Writing--Again this is really a personal opinion. Sometimes writing will just strike me as flat or too simple or sometimes even just flat out bad. It's really just my opinion of the writing though because some books that I've absolutely hated because of the writing have been loved by others and vice versa.
  7. Bad Endings--I don't mean endings that are sad and don't wrap up in that happy perfect and they lived happily ever after kind of way. Those are okay, many times even better, as long as they are written well. But if a book ends and it's not satisfying I just can't stand it! Especially when it's a series that I've invested myself in and that last book just doesn't deliver.
  8. Super Controlling Love Interests--I can't stand it when a guy tries to tell a girl what to do especially when they make it out to seem like the guy is trying to do what's best for the girl. And definitely when the girl just blithely goes along with it. Stand up for yourself and your decisions and don't let a guy dictate your life. I love the way Veronica Roth plays this dynamic in Insurgent. There are times when a guy really is looking out for the girl he loves and even then that doesn't mean the girl just has to follow what he says.
  9. White Washed Books--It doesn't matter what kind of book it is there should ALWAYS be diversity in your characters. A lot of times I find myself imagining characters looking differently than they are described (I have no idea why but this happens all the time) and usually it is me imagining a white character as being another race. It's so much more believable because diversity is just a part of life and I am always disappointed when I realize that there are literally no characters of any other race. 
  10. Stereotypical Characters--One think I hate more than anything is a stereotypical character. I hate hate hate it! The gay best friend that only wants to talk about how hot the man candy is and how fabulous clothes are is one that I just can't stand! It makes them so two dimensional and it really hurts the story. One of my favorite things is finding out a character is gay and having it be a surprise (Alec from The Mortal Instruments is a good example imo). This also applies to any and all racial stereotypes and general stereotypes (AKA the dumb jock or the ditsy cheerleader).


  1. I completely agree with you about weak/dependent female characters. They can be so irritating!

  2. Ugh. Yeah-- I hate that YA is so WHITE. Def needs to be more diverse.
    Also hate instalove and for sure think weak secondary characters stink. Sometimes those secondary characters can really make or break a book!

    1. In most cases, secondary characters (at least in my opinion) are what makes a great novel a great novel. More often than not I love the main characters but if an author can make you love the characters who aren't even the main focus of the novel, then they're definitely doing something right!

  3. Great list. I agree with lots of these (well the whole list really) I can't believe I forgot some of these on my own list. The weak MC is so annoying esp if she does as the controlling guy tells her to do. Ugh.

    My Friends Are Fiction's TTT

  4. These are great, you are so right on them all! Especially those dependent female characters! What are we teaching our young girls with those kinds of characters, like Bella? That without their boyfriend their life is worthless?

    1. Exactly! I always think it's really sad when someone I know is destroyed like that after a break up. But to write someone who is supposed to be a heroine reacting like that in such an extreme way? Now that is just annoying!

  5. I totally agree with all of your items. I don't think I could say it better myself!